The Fairy Dog Mom's Bedtime Stories
Fairy Dog Mother Inn

Boarding . . .
(*luxury  cage-free sleeping)
On the Fairy Dog Mother’s bed . . . or
A cozy dog bed inches away
Price. . . . . $75 per dog per night**
Includes one night boarding with ANY arrival or departure time or day! 2nd and 3rd family dogs $20 discount per night each each.
** Puppies under one year, dogs over 100 pounds or under 10 pounds add $20 per night.​

*Luxury in "dog-speak" means constant human companionship, lots of stuff to sniff and plenty of playtime or kitchen floor lounge time!

Day Care . . .
Monday-Friday only
$50 per day
(Some holiday weeks excluded)

Extras . . .
Splurge on these pampering services! 
Private leash walk 
Affirmation Massage
Command Practice
Bath & Brush
Scent Work
Teeth Whitening
Spaw Grooming (priced separately)
Price. . . . .$20 each 

Discounts . . .
*"Monthly Rate:" we are happy to negotiate a special rate for long term stays, please call for information.
Frequent Fido Special: Every 7th night is $25 off! (dates need not be 7 consecutive!)

Cozy and cage free dog accommodations
 . . .and more!
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The Fairy Dog Mom's Bedtime Stories

Elizabeth, the Fairy Dog Step-Mom!

by Joanne Papini on 10/17/13

My name is Elizabeth, and I am one of the Fairy Dog Mother Inn Step-Moms!  For those of you who have seen the Dalmatian in the photos on our Facebook Page, that is my little boy Devon.

Devon is a 2 year old Dalmatian.  His full  name is Proctor's Lord Devon Valentine, and he answers to many nicknames:  Devie Wevie, Wevers, Mr. Soggerton, Spottysaurus Rex, Sir Hops A Lot, Spots, Mr. Valentine, Barkasaurus, and many more!  Devon is a titled trick dog.  He has his Novice and Intermediate Trick Dog titles, and he is working on his Advanced Trick Dog title now.  His favorite tricks are the jumping tricks like Hoop Jump Over My Back.  My favorite trick is his most useful trick - Wipe Your Paws!!!

When I am not working at the Inn, I run a pet treat bakery called 3 of Hearts Pet Bakery.  I'm also a dog trick trainer and work on training with Devon several times a week.  I enjoy hiking, cooking, reading, and spending as much time with Devon as I can!

Mindful Mutts

by Joanne Papini on 02/24/12

Dogs have it sooo good! If I could reincarnate it would be as one of my dog guests. But for today, for this moment I will just practice what dogs teach me every single day....

  • Sit   (be still)
  • Stay  (don't run from your feelings)
  • Leave It  (walk away from the cookies)
  • Play (be curious!)

That's all we need to know!   (tee shirts coming soon!)

I am becoming a DOG!

by Joanne Papini on 06/14/11

I've known for awhile that my house smells like dog, that my car does and that I probably do too. The hair, the dirt, the slobber...everything you'd expect from someone who lives with lotsa dogs. But I sank to a new 'low' recently. As the dogs were taking their morning pee today I came scarrrrrry close to just lifting my robe, squatting, and peeing in the grass along with them.  Very close! It felt like the natural thing to do---woof!

Today I Cried

by Joanne Papini on 04/27/11

Two of my little guests are notorious for stepping in water bowls, counter surfing and generally "talking" a lot --especially at mealtime. So when I bid farewell to two of the cutest chocolate labs ever this morning I broke down and cried. They won't be coming back because they are moving out of state. You would have thought they were my own or that'd I'd known them for a decade, but no. I guess that's why I'm a Fairy Dog Mom....and a cry baby!

5 Cutest - Wait, Nevermind!

by Joanne Papini on 03/06/11

You were going to read about the five cutest dog moments: oh the tail-chasing...the darling head tilt some dogs do when they're looking at you sideways - literally...the thrilled-with-themselves look they get when they run up to you with toy in mouth...or how about when a puppy gets his head stuck somewhere funny like a purse strap or kitchen chair. And I just love a little dog's purposeful trot - the motionless body and legs in step to "I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date!"

But this morning as of 10:00am, I have actually lost count of how many pee splatters I have cleaned already, 8-9?  How does this happen? When? Who? And it's not that I blame anyone---though I did catch two of you! Darn it, the door was open and okay, so it's drizzling outside. Well bless their bionic noses and my unique set up here, I agree that peeing and marking indoors really is more comfortable.

And these are guests I speak of so I must accommodate! In their defense I have yet to find the product that erases the pee scent from three guests ago, not even the vet -recommended Icky Poo. I don't mind being a Markologist - But the ritual stinks-pun intended: the paper towel blotting, spraying products, replacing of blankets and towels, the sniff tests, handwashing, laundry... I vow to find a better solution, a perfect system! And it will not involve plastic furniture or linoleum.

Maybe I could get the Nate TV Show to come do a makeover for my 'dog house!' I know with some new pee-proof area rugs and furnishings I can have doggy style and function! Yes, I will apply right now ; D

The Fairy Dog Mother Inn & Day Spaw
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